Young Workers Rights

While young workers may be excited to enter the workforce, it is important to know their rights as workers. The rights of young workers are often violated or ignored by employers.

Therefore, it is important for young workers to be aware of their rights and take action when necessary to protect their rights.

Working hours

Working hours for young workers may vary depending on their age, job and the laws in their country. However, the working hours of young workers are more limited compared to the working hours of adult workers. For example, in some countries, young workers under the age of 16 may work only 6 hours a day. In addition, night work of young workers is limited and generally prohibited.

Education and Learning

The education and training of young workers should be considered by employers. In particular, the right of young workers working during the school year to attend school must be respected. Employers should prevent young workers from dropping out of school or working overtime that affects their school performance.

Wages and Working Conditions

Wages and working conditions of young workers may vary depending on their country and employer. However, the wages of young workers should not be lower than the wages of adult workers. It is also important to provide the necessary conditions for the health and safety of young workers. For example, a young worker in a hazardous job must be provided with appropriate protective equipment by his employer.

Mobbing and Harassment

Young workers may be exposed to behaviors such as mobbing and harassment. Employers should take the necessary measures to prevent these behaviors. Mobbing and harassment can seriously affect the psychological health of young workers and even cause them to lose their jobs.


The rights of young workers are often violated or ignored by employers. For this reason, it is important that young workers know and protect their rights. Young workers have rights in matters such as working hours, education and training, wages and working conditions, mobbing and harassment, and these rights must be protected. Employers should ensure that young workers know their rights and that these rights are protected. In addition, governments must make the necessary legislation to protect the rights of young workers.

As a result, it is important to raise awareness of the rights of young workers and to ensure that their rights are protected. Employers play an important role in the entry of young workers into the workforce and must therefore respect and protect the rights of young workers.