CDU About the CDU

Our company, which was established with 100% domestic capital, has made more than 4000 audits in 5 years since 2017. It performs an average of over 800 successful audits per year. Apart from this, it also provides trainings and system planning.

Since their personnel have at least 5 years of experience and their managers have at least 10 years of experience, they are skilled and advanced in making fast and accurate decisions for every situation.

W What We are Good At

COC Audit

Social compliance audits (or ethical audits) are audits in which working conditions in companies are evaluated in line with local legal requirements, customer expectations and industrial good practices and reported to relevant parties.


We prepare and conduct professional trainings on verification and inspection systems for companies and managers. Thanks to the trainings provided, company and system administrators manage their verification and audit systems more accurately and successfully.